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We are here to offer you the best service. Our services include: Cosmetic dentistry, restorative and preventative service, orthodontics and more.

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Our Team

Dr. Luis Rey

Lead Dentist 

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Monday to Friday : 9:00am to 6:00pm

Saturday: By Appointment

Our History

We are currently building our history, visit us and be part of it!

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Our Services

  • Cosmetic Dentistry

    Improve your smile, self-esteem, and overall appearance with cosmetic dentistry! Let us develop a personalized cosmetic dentistry plan for smile enhancement with sensitivity to your needs and budget.

  • Implants

    We offer a high quality service of Implants.

  • Orthodontics

    We offer traditional orthodontics services and we also offer Invisalign. We can guide you to decide which one works better for you.

  • Gum Disease

    We treat gingivitis, periodontitis and provide a plan to improve oral care.

  • Same-day Crowns

    Dr. Rey provides custom-made dental crowns made of high-quality, durable ceramic material that is similar in structure to the material of your natural teeth. Your crown will also have the same color as your other teeth, blending in seamlessly with your smile.

  • Root Canal Treatment

    Dental procedure to repair inflamed or infected nerve.

  • Oral Surgery

    We perform wisdom teeth removal. Wisdom teeth commonly do not have enough room to properly erupt into our mouth where they can become fully functional and cleansable teeth.

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